Wax Heater + 2 Waxes

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Wax your hair at home or in a salon with our professional wax heaters!

Wax heaters are electric devices that allow you to liquefy hard wax kits, in addition to the traditional wax in a jar. Whether you want to wax your back, legs, arms, underarms or bikini line, the electric wax heater is the best way to remove hair from its root and give birth to a shiny and luminous skin It provides long-lasting results while removing hair thoroughly, and the wax, unlike razors, won't damage your skin.

Enjoy salon-like smoothness at home with the Rosawax wax heater

  • Our waxes are designed to allow for a smooth and easy application. Treat yourself to a relaxing waxing experience with strawberry, honey, lemon and aloe vera scented waxes
  • The wax heater melts the wax and keeps it at the ideal temperature.
  • No strips are needed: just apply and remove the wax to remove even the shortest hairs (2mm and up).

5 steps to salon-quality smoothness at home:

1. Pour the required amount of wax beads into the device according to the area you wish to remove hair in the wax heater.

2. Plug in and turn on the unit - the wax discs will start to melt.

3. The wax is ready to be used when it reaches a homogeneous consistency. Using the wooden spatula, spread a layer of wax 1 to 2 mm thick in the direction of hair growth.

4. Leave more wax at the end of the strip to make it easier to remove. Wait about a minute for the wax to dry.

5. Hold your skin taut and remove the strip from the thickest end in a brisk, safe motion, against the direction of hair growth.

After waxing, remove any wax residue by dabbing your skin with used wax or using body oil. Our wax heaters are suitable for waxing legs, arms, bikini line and underarms. In the past, hot waxing was done in an institute, but today it is truly within reach thanks to a wax heater and hard wax kits.